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Realm of Blizzards


All life on the frigid ice sheet of Frestus endures its raging elemental blizzards within Storm-Fortresses or traveling nomadically in their wake. Life survives at the mercy of these uncaring Elemental Cabals and through the bounty held beneath the frozen sea's arctic skin. This icy world is a primal place where the elements and their cabals have risen to supremacy and now rule unchallenged over the Realm of Blizzards.


Made up of a single, massive ocean, Frestus' only landmass is technically a titanic glacier that floats along the sea as the various blizzards cross over and around it.

Atmospheric Conditions

The constant snowstorms keeps the skies busy but the air fresh.


Glacier-Dwelling Manfolk and Blizzard-Chasing Merfolk. The Glacier is an Elemental Titan and the blizzards are various, warring Elemental Cabals.


Through careful nurtering and breeding, the Glacier-Dwellers have managed to grow a few crops on dirt gathered from the ocean floor. These mostly take the form of mosses, lichens, and berries.


Fish, artic aquatic mammals, and birds make up the majority of life on Frestus. If it were not for the bones, hide, and meat of the whales, seals, and other aquatic mammals, both factions would have long starved out.

Energy Sources

Glow can be gathered from caves deep within the Titan Glacier. Another source appears to be from a certain breed of whales.


Glaceier-Dwellers have mastered building great works of art and safety out of ice, snow, and bone. These structures would be considered marvels of engineering to almost any sophont. The Blizzard-Chasers, however, have learned how to take the same resources and create large sled-like boats that can function boht on the sea and across the slick ice.


Realm of Blizzards


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