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Realm of Tundras


Nixus is a realm of survival, one that challenges the strong and devours the weak. Within this realm, you must survive a chilling Winter filled with vicious beasts and unpredictable weather patterns, before taking respite in the Thaw and its season of harvest and recuperation. It is here that the Sophontic races struggle to survive against nature and each other. Failure to thrive means death by winter, but those who survive are given the chance to become legends with each year of growth.


Nixus is broken up into four continents, the largest of which is a massive bowl. This landmass is purely tundras, open snow fields, and a few straggling mountains. Though not all of Nixus is a tundra, it was named after the cold temperatures and open fields that dominate most of the continents.

Atmospheric Conditions

Snowstorms are common, the air is clear, and you can often travel the land guided by the great North Star.


Yetis, Yeti-Primals, Frost Ygnar (think gnoll-like), Elementals, Giants, a few Beastfolk. The Elementals in this realm have very sturdy cabals with little fighting. I am unsure of what kind of Manfolk I want yet.


Alaskan plants, probably look at Norway and Iceland as well. I have people I can demand answers from.


Whooly creatures abound. Mammoths are a favorite. I like the idea of stocky, ram-horned horses as well. Much of the wildlife on the realm is large and imposing, everything is built around the hunt or survival.

Energy Sources

Primal Life can be extracted from any beast you manage to hunt. Primal Ice can be gathered by negotating with the Elemental Cabals. Glow flies through the wind, making a wonderful sound. Certain peoples have turned war horns into literial weapons of destruction thought this wind-sound-GloW.


This section is always so hard. Yetis are masters of Primal Ice Magic and understand how to see visions of the past to guide them forward. Steel is likely a thing. Shipfairing has been greatly hindered by the shattered, rocky coasts.


Realm of Tundras


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