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Realm of Frost


Easily confused for a single, solid chunk of ice, Frigus is a realm that only Elementals can truly call home. The few surviving flora and fauna can be found in glacial caverns carved by time and heat. If one were to travel deeper into the depths of these caverns they would come across the corruption plaguing the Realm. Ancient diseases sit silently trapped in frozen pockets, unliving creatures ripped straight from children's nightmares, and the unknowable Azaaki.


The realm is made almost entirely of ice, leaving little room for proper geography. It can be described in several layers. The higher being more ice-related and the lower being decay-related.

Atmospheric Conditions

Bubbles of breathable air through-out the ice.


Ice-Chipping Manfolk. Arctic Mining Shortfolk. Nightmare-Fuel, Plague-Beast Azaaki.


Some pockets have flora, most do not.


Mole-like creatures that dig through the ice. Rotting Azak Hounds.

Energy Sources

Glow can be harvested from large, crystaline structures found throughout the ice. They form from Primal Ice and Primal Decay compressing.


Not really sure at this time.


Realm of Frost


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Seawatch Cosmology

Frigus has been proven to exist by the Magi of Seawatch. It is believed to be the Elemental Realm of Frost and is home to nothing but Frost Elementals.

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