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Realm of Reflection


This cold realm is lit only by faint stars too far away to warm the frozen landscape. Large mountains and sluggish glaciers make up the only stable fragments of Sulumus' surface. The frozen oceans surrounding them hide black ice lakes, reflecting the Cosmos' darkest secrets. It is no secret to Realmhoppers across the Cosmos that those who stare into the ice of Sulumus for too long never emerge the same. Some things are better off left unknown.


Several small continents, in the form of glaciers and mountains, exist seperated across oceans of black ice. Crossing form one continent to the next leads to madness as you peer into the darkness of the ocean and see those that lost their souls long before your birth.

Atmospheric Conditions

In an almost perpetual state of twilight there is little in the way of weather on Sulumus. The only time the land is bathed in light is during the rare auraras that reveal the true reality of the shadow-coated realm.


Phantasmal creatures that live off memories to survive. Frost-blood Hunters that ritualistically hunt their prey. A few groups of Manfolk, the most successful living in a large cavern in the mountains that is made of reflective ice, glass, and mirrors to keep the horrors at bay.


Dark tendrils that reach for stray children, bushes that hide venemous beasts, and trees that creak and groan in the cold wind.


Lots of mammals, mostly predatory. There are a variety of elementals that exist here, all of them look like uncanny replicants of another realms element that has been tinted in frost. The best animal out of it are the Ice Hounds, the only allies to the Manfolk in this cruel realm.

Energy Sources

The Black Ice holds powers of Shadow and Light within, both Primal Shadow and Glow. To harvest it often comes at the price of sanity. The magi of this realm are often insane, or worse, at peace with what they have done to acquire their power.


The Black Ice makes up the foundation of all magic on Sulumus and is used to creat powerful artifacts, runes, and weaponry. Even the technology tree has been remade to rely upon the ice instead of refined metals such as bronze or steel.


Realm of Reflection


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