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Realm of the Deep


Altus is a world of endless water swallowed by the darkness of its crushing depths. So connected with Primal Water, this Realm is the source of every ocean across the Cosmos. Those that dive too deep will inevitably find themselves far from home, trapped in Altus's endless waters and all-consuming darkness. The native life of this abyssal Realm is alien and misshapen; their forms evolved to survive the crushing depths and to navigate even without sight. The mythic leviathans and untold horrors that slip away from Altus terrorize the oceans of unsuspecting Realms.


Similar to continents, Altus is has large open-areas described as depths to help organize the realm. These depths, which size is determined by the sea-plate it resides on, are filled with exotic life despite the hostile environment.

Atmospheric Conditions

There is no air and creatures that require such silly things will need to rely heavily on science or magic. There are stars in the sky but they seem to do little to light the deep depths.


Jellyfish like Sophonts. Octopus like Sophonts. Massive swarms of deep sea fish that have become sophontic in nature.


Sea sponges, variety of seaweed, and lots of plants that grow around undersea vents. All flora on Altus can survive in complete darkness. There is a layer of water that creatures can feel the light of the distance stars, but it is a dangerous area plagued by vicious Water Elementals.


Primarily deep sea creatures such as octopi, sponges, crestaceans, flatfish, eels, and the like. All creatures on Altus are fully blind and will die without the intense water pressure.

Energy Sources

Glow is harvested from magnificent pearl-like objects gathered from the sea floor. How these unique clam-like creatures are able to convert Primal into Glow is unknown.




Realm of the Deep


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