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Realm of Floods


Undus is a great bowl of earth floating haphazardly in the middle of the Dead Sea. Once every twelve years, the Dead Sea rages forth and flood the entire realm - often killing everything living. This life of construction, death, recovery, and then construction again has lead to a sisyphean-style life for all that live here.


Massive earthen bowl that has the ability to quickly regrow after adapting the twelve here cycle. There always ends up with a semi-stable community at the center with a new way to "survive" the flood.

Atmospheric Conditions

Calm with little rain until the final storm ruins everything. The air is nice and clean, too!


The main sophont are these small, slender, and highly intelligent Manfolk - but not Humanity. They are fully grown by their second year of life. They are unaware of how long they can live being that they all nearly die off every twelve years. Luckily, each wave they get closer and closer to surviving.


All of the plants on Undus are able to grow quickly and spread quickly OR survive lots of water. Some of the oldest living things on Undus are the great Floodtrees that the Sophonts build their civilization upon. The next generation survives the flood to restart by hiding in the great leaves of the Floodtrees, but there is never enough room for everyone.


Rodents are the most successful creatures. Strangly, every cycle seems to completely mutate them to an entirely new species. All creatures on Undus are on the small size.

Energy Sources

Glow comes with the final storms and dries up by the time the storm is coming making it so the people are unable to use Glow to save themselves. The people of Undus do not know how to conduct Primal.


Despite being stuck to a twelve year cycle, the Sophonts of Undus are very quick to restart. They get boats, steel, and housing up first then start farming and such. Near around the 8th year they try and master a new form of magic or tech to survive.


Realm of Floods


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