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Realm of Storms


The Realm of Storms is a primordial sea of chaos comprised of the detritus and waste deposited by the massive Leviathans that are birthed here. An ocean-like slurry of the Elements, destroying and rebuilding itself in chaotic eternity. Only the lone titanic mountains rise from the endless discord to serve as a refuge from the deadly storms. While life both upon the mountains and beneath the sea is subject to one of the most cutthroat, but rewarding, biospheres in the Cosmos. You never know what you will find on Temptus.


Titanic mountains rise out of the endless seas. These mountains are the only refuge from the deadly storms that travel the ocean in chaotic patterns. Hail, snow, water, and worse all lash at the base of the mountains in rage. The mountains cry out in rage back, sending entire armies of Air Elementals to war.

Atmospheric Conditions

Always windy at all times. Breathing is hard, but harder the lower down you go. Some of the mountains go so far they peak above the clouds and offer the only place one can truly hide from the storms.


Elementals are the primary form of sophonce on Temptus, but great Leviathans that use the storms to glide across the realm also are capable of sophonce if they are old enough. There are also Beastfolk in the form of Monkey-like people, they use Primal Air to glide across the skies.


The only plantlife of the realm clings to the mountains. The most unique are the great trees that are home to the Monkey Sophonts, they have roots that pierce through the mountains and down into the stormy seas to sustain themselves.


Creatures that breathe lightning exist in the seas, hunting birds and the likes. There are lots of types of fish, but they seem to mutate and change with every generation they exist in the stormy seas. The mountains support more variety of life especially in the form of birds or other winged creatures. To the Monkey Sophonts, no creature is as important as the Great Eels - flying eels that eat up storms that attack the mountains and use that power to build the mountains taller.

Energy Sources

The stormy seas actually supply every form of Primal Energy you could need if you can survive the pure chaos. The mountains have leylines of Glow that can be tapped into, especially by following the roots of the massive world trees.


The Monkey Folk have mastered ways of resisting chaotic magics and know a great deal about architecture. Very Asian in their construction style.
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Realm of Storms


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