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Realm of Solarity


Comprised of four continents in gentle orbit around a central pillar of solar light, Radiaus is home to a variety of winged sophont sworn to uphold the cosmic laws of Primal Light. Their eternal quest against darkness in the cosmos sends many of these Sophonts to other realms as law bringers to untamed lands. Yet far below the floating continents, the roiling storms of shifting change are rising.


On Radiaus, four continents float high above a raging sea of storms and destruction. Between these continents are floating island chains that make up large bridges of light that allow travelers to cross from one continent, to the islands, to another continent. Only the most "holy", read light-based, of sophonts are able to cross these bridges.

Atmospheric Conditions

The skies of Radiaus are peaceful as long as you do not fall below and get caught up in the sea of storms. It has plenty of air to go around, but during the day it can get awful bright.


Angel-like beings that come in a variety of forms. They exist by a strict specias-based caste system lead by the Ordained One who has the ability to give and take life. Most Elementals have been tamed except those that exist below.


With so much light, plants have grown abundant. Much of the natural landscape is a chaotic jungle. There is also a species of plant that sticks out of the sea of storms that shoots lightning at flying creatures that stray too far.


Birds, so many birds. Winged mammals. Winged reptiles. But most of them are all out to eat each other. Herbavores are surprisingly rare on Radiaus.

Energy Sources

Primal Light holds up the floating islands and Glow is granted by the Ordained One, it is unknown how he controls it all. Primal Storm however can only be harvested from the sea of storms.


Magic based around light, fire, and wind has been completely mastered. All of Radiaus technology has gone into creating better and more powerful weapons. However, the use of Primal Storm is punishable by death and any technology that uses anything but manual power is considered evil.


Realm of Solarity


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