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Realm of Seasons


Heimus is dominated by an old-growth forest, with no great bodies of water or widespread flatlands to break its endless leaves. This ancient woodland is the contested territory of several distinct groups of Fae that vie for power and dominion over the Realm. These Fae Courts rule over their claimed portions of the continent with absolute control. All that exists within a Court's domain is subject to the tone, emotions, and ideal environment desired by their patron season. So powerful are these seasonal shifts in power that not only is the flora and fauna warped, but also the local Elementals and their endless Primal struggles.


As stated, the realm is made up of an endless forest. The largest bodies of water are decent sized lakes. Each section of the forest is owned by one of the Four Courts. You can visibly see, from the flora and fauna, which Court owns which parts of the forest.
Though it is meant to be shared equally by the Four Courts, it has become instead a battleground for dominion over the entire realm.

Atmospheric Conditions

The skies are clear and weather is fully dependent on which Court you currently reside in.


  • Spring Court: Choatic, energetic, thriving, powerful, and moody.
  • Summer Court: Hot-Headed, rough, violent, expansionist, and loyal.
  • Fall Court: Unyeilding, stubborn, defensive, cruel, and arrogant.
  • Autumn Minor Court: Joyful, creative, and vibrant.
  • Winter Court: Cold, patient, plotting, orderly, and uncorruptable.
  • Thawed Minor Court: Reselient, open-minded, and resourceful.


Most notable of the flora are the Season Trees (need better name) that adapt to each Court quickly, making natural boundaries of each Court. The more Season Trees a Court has control of, the more raw power they have. Aside from that, each Court breeds their own type of crops, flowers, and herbs.


The creatures of Heimus magically adapt to whichever Court they find themselves in. Most notable is the way each creature is able to change their natural colors at will when they cross the boundaries from one Court to Another. They also seemingly adopt the personalities based on each Court as well.

Energy Sources

At the center of each Court resides mystical Courtyards that hold massive stone tablets. They tablets are able to drain Glow from the Season Trees (NAME REDO) under the Courts control. On each tablet is written the laws and decrees of that Court and the Glow is then used to force the region under the control of said laws and decrees. Faith is also pumped into each tablet to empower it.


Not sure if I want each Court to have unique tech, but they are all very powerful with magic.


Realm of Seasons


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