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Realm of the Hunt


Venarus follows what is known as the Great Cycle. Plants feed upon corpses, prey feeds upon plants, hunters feed upon prey, and hunters eventually succumb to time. To survive in the Realm of the Hunt, one must understand their place in the Great Cycle and adapt to its specific challenges. It is only the scattered, but growing settlements that have started to disrupt this cycle, driving the dim, forested realm into disarray. Will civilization be able to break the Great Cycle or will it just become another form of prey?


Venarus has 2 distinct super continents that are connected by a large archipelago. The northern one is a cold, well-forested region and the southern is a warm, well-forested region. The archipelago is hot and has a few jungle-like islands. Centaurs live in the warmer southern region while Polar Bear People live in the Northern one.

Atmospheric Conditions


Nomadic Centaurs. Shipbuilding Walrus people that hunt leviathans ritualistically. Raiding Polar Bear Folk with Tusks. Some form of notGnoll. Several Godbeasts roam the land as primary targets to hunt and take down. Manfolk Pirates that have claimed the archipelago. A group of Pangara that left Ravare with the Centaurs.


Cold: Tundra bushes, spruce and pine trees, moss, berries, grasses. Hot: Jungle stuff, palm trees, lots of fruit that can be used as poisons. Warm: Pretty generic forest, just extra-large and far too many creatures.


There are no prey animals to live off the fauna, instead they just hunt each other in circles. This has allowed the plants to grow pretty unharmed. Theo only species able to consume fruit and meat are the Centuars, Manfolk, Bears, and Pangara.

Energy Sources

I am actually at a loss on how to make Glow for this realm unique.


Druidry and Shamanism are reallly the only ways of magic that remain. Due to the lethality of the creatures of this realm, most Sophonts have mastered more nomadic lifestyles. There is no steel production but the bones of Godbeasts work just fine.


Realm of the hunt


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