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Realm of Abundance

Realmic Introduction

Made up of the primary elements of Life and Earth, Ravarus is a realm abundant with vibrant flora, ever-changing fauna, and seemingly endless resources. Despite this abundance, Ravarus is considered a fledgling realm with little knowledge of science or spellcraft. In accordance to the scholars that reside within the realm, Ravarus was seperated away from the rest of the cosmos to keep it safe from exotoric theats. Seperated by whom and how plague these same scholars today.



The continents of Ravarus are often large, vibrant, but deeply troubled. Immense forests and jungles are a common place, leaving little in the way of room for civilization. This, alongside the natural. predatory dangers present in Life realms, has lead to a great deal of realm-wide conflict over both land and resources, despite the abundance of both.
But not all continents within the Realm of Abundance are brimming with life. The continents of Helt and Mordoth both have been stripped of their resources as fuel for their many wars. But even in the dried wastes of these lands, abundance can be still be found below the earth in the form of ores, gems, and more exotic materials.

Endless Ocean

Though it is not physically endless, the Endless Ocean is the largest body of water found within Ravarus and is considered untraversable. For reasons unexplainable by the realm's denizens the Endless Ocean has the ability to disorient those that travel across its already dangerous waters. Those that even still find some way to stay on a straight path will find themselves assaulted by storm and massive beast alike.



Like most Life Realms, Ravarus is home to several distinct Folk with dozens of unique Sophonts. What makes makes the realm stand apart is the amount of Sophonts residing in the Realm that once called another Realm home. From the conquering First Men to the Realm-traveling Tuatha, each esoteric traveler that makes it to the Realm of Abundance quickly realizes they cannot leave.


Magic within Ravarus is everpresent and is a tool used by both Sophont and beast. Though Life Primal dominates over all in the terms of reach and power, Faith and the other Elements are close behind.


Seperated by the Endless Ocean, each continent of Ravarus has been left on its own to discover, innovate, and invent. Due to how dangerous the lands of Eldavar and Lozakas are, technology has been nearly replaced with magic while the safer continent of Helt has been able to thrive in magic, technology, and artifice.



With Primal Life amplifying the water and soil, the flora of Ravarus is diverse, thriving, and often magical in nature. The most notably diverse region would be the continent of Lozakas which is covered in thick jungles. Even the deepest caverns of Ravarus are capable of hosting floral life in the form of moss, fungi, and roots.



Realm of Abundance


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6 Dec, 2019 07:54

I really like the red note at the beginning with the warning about the meta-knowledge. I think it is not necessary to repeat it again in the "Laws of the Realm" section.   It'd be interesting to know exactly how the elemental planes influence the continents. Perhaps an example showing two areas that are closer to different planes would be educational.   I'm not quite sure what the following terms are, perhaps a tooltip would work well: Divine gravitation, and Naturalist magic. (Whilst naturalist gets a tooltip later on, I feel like it's best to explain terms to the reader either every time, or the first time, so that they are not left wondering what something is.)   Although only Solith has a description, I really like the concise but full description provided. It's enough to have a good mental image of what that continent consists of. Cool work!

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