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Found across all of Solith, Tuathans live within small clans known as Cairns or their larger counterparts Barrows. Their imposing presence and animalistic ways have led them to be feared by those that are unfortunate enough to cross them in the wilderness they call home. Despite this fear, many scholars have made it their life's work to understand the histories of these ancient people.

Keepers of the Wild

Natural Magic, or Druidry, is innately present within Tuathans and can be easily manipulated by them. They have learned over generations that the older the wilderness, the more powerful the magic they can find. Because of this, most Cairns form to protect places lost to time from those that wish to defile them. Punishment for trespassing normally takes the form in an explosion of violence that rarely gives the offending party much time to react.

Histories of Flesh

As a people, Tuathans prefer to write their legends and histories on their very flesh rather than paper Most Tuathans are partially covered in thin, blue tattoos that swirl, link, and lock together to make up stories in a language only they can read. When they die, the stories are then written on massive stones by the nearest Ollam. These stones are then carefully hidden from the prying eyes of outsiders. Collectively, it is believed the Sagas of the Tuatha go back thousands of years.


Standing at an average height of seven feet, most Tuathans are in excellent physical condition. There is little room for the runts within a Cairn and even less within a Barrow. Both men and women Tuathans share this impressive stature with women very rarely being shorter. Their skin is pale yet seems resistant to blistering under the sun. With cut hair being seen as a weakness, both men and women grow their hair long with the men also growing out their often impressive beards.
The history of each Tuatha is delicately written on their skin in an ancient language only known to the Tuatha. These tattoos, primarily a deep blue, are meant to be clearly shown so that others may know their history. Because of this, common attire for a Tuathans is often seen as revealing by other cultures and regarded as unsafe by seasoned warriors.

Colors of Tradition

Most Tuatha tattoos are a deep shade of blue, however, additional colors have been used to represent different things. Red tattoos for Tuathans that have been banished, black for seers and shamans, and yellow for Tuathans that have traveled to different realms. Though they are written in a way to never be understood by outsiders, people that do great deeds for the Tuatha people have been gifted with their own histories written on them as a way of thanks.

General Information

Around 100 years with Elders living far, far longer.
Average Height
Averaging around 7 feet tall.
Average Weight
200 to 240 pounds.


Among the Tuatha, no title is more respected than the Ollam or "Knowledge Drinker" when translated from Sylvan. Each Ollam is specialized in certain knowledge and are titled after such. An example of this would be the Ollam Beatha is the Knowledge Drinker of Nature. The duties of the Ollam is to write and hide the histories of their peoples, to study the world, and to tame the elements.


Only Tuatha women have the gift of prophecy. These women, known as the Boir'Nihean, are sought after by both Cairn and Barrow alike. It is common practice for a Boir'Nihean to tattoo around their eyes with black ink in the pattern of shadows and ash so that others know their power.

Quick Notes

  • Tuatha hair comes only in various shades of red and burgundy.
  • Many druids of other races were trained by the Tuatha.

People of the Wild Places

Tuathans can be found wherever secrets are hidden and ancient creatures reside. Their Cairns and Barrows can be found across all of Solith but most prominently within Moorwald. Due to the way Tuathans intwine with nature, each region also changes their culture and beliefs.

Of Haven

Once home to Caladh Barrow, one of the largest Barrows known, the Tuatha lost their homeland alongside the Centaurs when Lady Death crashed into the grove-dotted plains of the Eastern Verdant Expanse, Unlike the Centaurs, the Tuatha were not able to recover as quickly and instead chose to delve deeper into the Forgotten Plains.

Of Moorwald

Much of the Moorwald is covered in ancient relics and forgotten groves making it the perfect for the Tuatha people. Several Cairns and Barrows exist scattered throughout the region, some even going as far as to join in region politics rather than staying in the shadows like they prefer. The most notable of these is Coil Cairn which is made up purely of elemental taming Shamans.

Of Los'Mozakas

The lush jungle of Los'Mozakas and its many beasts make it the perfect hunting grounds for Tuathans. It is said that these Tuathans participate in Eld blood rituals to allow them to create and control blood-bound elementals rather than rely on the natural ones. Their Druids also take great pride in transforming into the various dinosaurs that exist only within Los'Mozakas.

Of the Throat

Among the frosted mountains of the Throat of the World the Tuatha people have thrived in ways no others have achieved. Their natural Druidic magic has allowed them to grow food where none could grow before and their Shamans have allowed them to even shape the land to their will. Many Cairns exist hidden in large caves sustained purely on magic.



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