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Known as the proud home of the Beastfolk, the Verdant Expanse is the last Expanse within Haven to maintain a functioning ecosystem after the fall of Lady Death. Because of this fact, the Verdant Expanse remains the only Expanse that can support large scale farms forcing making it the most important Expanse within Haven.
Unfortantly, the Verdant Expanse is in direct contact with the Blistered Expanse making the Expanse often just as hostile as the blighted regions within the Solemn Expanse. If it were not for the unyeilding army within Shatterhold, the Verdant Expanse, and the rest of Haven alongside it, would have fallen decades ago.


Starting from the coast to the East, much of the Verdant Expanse is made of hot, humid plains broken up by patches of woodland groves that support a large variety of birds that can be found throughout the Verdant Expanse. Delving further West the land changes to the thick rainforest that the Expanse is most well-known for. If it were not for the massive amounts of Druidic magic that is poured into the Gorgewald Forest every few decades the ecological diversity of the Verdant Expanse would be as sparse as any other Expanse within Haven.


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General Information

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The Verdant
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General Climate

Month High: Low: Precipitation:
PastFrost 62°F 37°F 6.3 inches
NewGrowth 64°F 41°F 6.8 inches
MidGrowth 65°F 40°F 11.4 inches
PastGrowth 74°F 45°F 6.7 inches
NewFlame 76°F 47°F 6.4 inches
MidFlame 79°F 53°F 5.9 inches
PastFlame 83°F 56°F 5.7 inches
NewRot 77°F 45°F 5.3 inches
MidRot 76°F 43°F 5.4 inches
PastRot 71°F 42°F 5.7 inches
NewFrost 69°F 40°F 5.8 inches
MidFrost 65°F 39°F 6.1 inches


The Verdant Expanse is a lush valley that has a fairly consistant amount of rain that sustains the verdant flora it is named after. Like all of Solith, the Verdant Expanse recieves most of it's rainfall during the month of MidGrowth when Shadiym returns to Solith. During this month, travel and trade comes to a halt due to flooding and difficult terrain.

Further Information


Unlike much of Haven, there remains a large variety of settlements both large and small throughout the Verdant Expanse. The primary reason for their existance is for agricultural purposes to help feed the many mouths across all of Haven. WIth the Solemn Expanse's collapsing ecosystem and the Parched Expanse's lack of fresh water, only the Verdant Expanse can sustain the large farms that are required to keep Haven from the brink of starvation.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of species unique to the Verdant Expanse. The amount of Druidic power that flows through the Gorgewald Forest, many creatures have changed drastically from their origins.


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