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Gussup Peak


Despite its location, Gussup Peak was built after the fall of the First Men empire. Built around the prominent Gussup Tower, the original intent for location was to be a base camp for those delving into the nearby ruins. After some time the Museum Artifici was built to collect the various artifacts that were eventually collected. The small settlement fell quickly after collecting the Shield of Shalgoroth.

Museum Artifici

As the most famous part of Gussup Peak, the Museum was the only thing that brought in the little coin that was able to be made in the small outpost. It was owned and ran by a shrewd, unnamed family that decided to enhance their general mystique by only allowing themselves to be known as The Curators. This family line can now be traced to a similarly ran Museum within Shardholm.


Most of the artifacts within the Museum were actually replicas, especially the weaponry. But it was well known that some of the suits of armor, and shields, were the originals. The Curators were known to claim it added a certain authenticity to the place that could not be achieved by replicas. This, of course, was what likely lead to the collapse of the settlement.


  • Gussup Peak

General Information

Somewhere around 800 Eld.

Alternative Name(s)
Jagged Camp (Old name)
Outpost / Base
Location under

Quick Notes

  • Most, if not all, of Gussup Peak has been looted.
  • The view from the tower, known as Gussup Tower, is highly enchanted like most First Men towers tend to be.

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