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Built to house the infamous Ser Drakir, a First Men Knight, Mortdrakir by modern definitions would be considered a palace rather than a fortress. Much of it has already been looted by Historians of the Shardholm Museum but there remains plenty of relics of a past age within the many halls of Drakir.

Legend of Drakir

As the story goes, Ser Drakir was original just a beast hunter of the First Men army. He dedicated his life to hunting beasts of the Throat of the World beliving that only a creature of such a rugged realm would ever challenge him. Eventually, he found his equal in a Mountain Beast, a lizard-like creature made of molten metal that feeds upon magma. Songs have been made about the battle and it is well known that Ser Drakir came out victorious just to be knighted by the First Men for his triumph. The Throne of Drakir, found within his keep, was made out of the corpse of the Mountain Beast.

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Quick Notes

  • Ser Drakir was the Knight of Flames. Because of this, many of the relics found within Mortdrakir relate to harnassing or controling fire.
  • Mortdrakir was used as a nesting ground for Pyrekeeper Wendigos.
  • Charles Montague, of the Depthwatcher Party, died to an Ancient Wendigo within Mortdrakir.

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