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Azulan (ahz-ool-an)


Built into one of the many chasms carved into the Jagged Expanse, Azulan was constructed as a mining outpost to supply stone and iron to the growing First Men keeps. Legend has it that the mines of Azulan dug far too deep into the Azulian Chasm and released monstrous beasts from its depths. Modern researchers of the Archeo-Historical League believe this legend to be at least partially correct. Something did once escape the Azulian Chasm and that something may have killed off the entire population of Azulan.

More than Stone

What truly baffles those who study the ruins of Azulan is the various stocking books and supply tickets left behind. Many of these tomes record the miners of Azulan where not just mining raw ores and stones, but also large veins of complex alloys such as steel or bronze. A unique resources only mentioned in Azulan's forgotten stockyards is that of Chitinstun, some form of shell-like rock that was able to be grown like a plant.


Despite the settlement having been obviously, and violently, abandoned many of the outpost's structures remain intact. The ruins of Azulan is said to feel the minds of those who wander its buildings dark, intrusive thoughts. At least two members of the Archeo-Historical League were recorded to have thrown themselves into Azulian Chasm.

Content Warning
Ideations, suicide.

General Information

Late Kith or Early Eld.

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Azulan's Guardian

As one of the two remaining citizens of Azulan, Ser Draoid is a Firstman Knight who watches over the Azulian Chasm. After making impromptu contact with the Waywatcher Pact in 79th of Fall, Ser Draoid has been making monthly reports to Lady Holm for undisclosed reasons.

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