Built into one of the many chasms of the Jagged Expanse, Azulan's purpose was to supply stone and ores to the many keeps of the First Men. Local legend goes on to state that the First Men dug far too deep into the Azulan Chasm and brought upon the destruction of the entire mining settlement in a single night. Today travelers that are foolish enough to the Jagged Expanse rarely have interest in an old quarry.

Natural Resources

Mined Steel

Supply Tickets found within the Library of Roseannia claim that the miners of Azulan were harvesting not just stone, ores, and various minerals but also raw steel and even lumber. A few scholars of Seawatch believe this to be proof that the First Men were capable of traveling to different realms for things as simple as material wealth.

General Information

Late Kith or Early Eld.

Outpost / Base
Location under

Azulan's Guardian

Her Lady's Military of Shardholm still recieve reports from Ser Draoid, a First Men Knight who watches over the Azulan Chasm.

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