Knighthood of the Firstmen

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An order of elite members that ruled over the war-driven stratocracy of the First Men. Comprised of legednary soldiers, magi, and tacticians they were the driving force behind the crusades of Humanity and a major factor in their sucess. Each Knight took up an oath that bound their souls to Humanity and allowed them to live on for eternity as long as they upheld said oath.

Commonly Known Members

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Ser Esbeth

Protector of Walls, Lord of Steel, and Butcher of the Selvian.

Lady Roseanna

Keeper of Tomes, Lady Death's Chosen, and the First Archlich

Ser Drakir

Knight of Flames, Lizard-King, Conqueror of the Mountain's Heart.

Lady My'yrna

Silence-Maiden, Archangel of Secrets, and Forgotten Queen.

Lady Holm

Queen of Shardholm, Godking's Left Hand, and Unifier of the Shardlands.

Ser Draoid

The Watcher, Unhuman Knight, and Betrayer.

Ser Navis

Naval Lord, Navigator of the Blacksea, Pirate King.

Lady Tommi

Herdmaster, Lady Druidess, and Mother of the Verdant Expanse.

Ser Saceria

Scoutmaster, Lord of Spies, and Shadow-Tamer.

General Information

Geopolitical, Lordship
Alternative Names
Knights of the First Men, The First Men.
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Notable Members

Knightly Armaments

Nearly every Knight was gifted a specialized weapon, or two, and a set of armor. According to a book within the Library of Roseannia, these should still be located within many of the ruins of the Jagged Expanse. Many sets of armor have also been collected and stored within the Shardholm Museum.

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