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Archeo-Historical League


Curated, trained, and employed by the Shardholm Museum the purpose of the Archeo-Historical League can be summarized as delving into dangerous ruins, collecting of forgotten artifacts, and decyphering maps and ancient texts all for the purpose of historical preservation. It is often stated by League officials that it is only an oft-repeating coincidence that these same ruins, artifacts, maps, and texts seem to directly benifit the Capital of Shardholm.

Historical Theft

Outside of the Shardlands, the Archeo-Historical League is considered a parasite of history and culture believed to be robbing knowledge directly from settlements. However, due to the backing of Her Lady's Military there is little anyone can do about this perceived theft. Some capitals, such as City of Marble or Bastion, do not allow anyone from the Archeo-Historical League within their territories at the threat of death. This has seemingly only made the problem worse due to the lack of self-preservation found in most the League's members.


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Lord Curator

Leader, let's make them a First Man.


One for each Expanse.

Lesser Ranks


They delve into ruins and retrieve stuff.


They catelogue everything.


Manual labor, very little scribe work.

History is Ours to Make

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General Information

Guild, Adventuring
Archeologist, Historian, History-Scribe
Controlled Territories


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