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Jagged Expanse


Home of the ancient First Men kingdom, the Jagged Expanse is now known best for the hundreds of invaluable ruins, mysterious runes, and intricate magic-work. No attempts at resettling the Expanse have been attempted other than the small Centaur camp of Depthwatch. Childrens tales and old legends have declared the land both haunted by the living and the dead, long before the Fall of Lady Death.


Once believed to be the legendary foe of the First Men, long beaten, the savage race of immortal hunters known as the Wendigo have returned from deep within the Jagged Expanse. No one is sure what prompted these creatures to invade, but invade they have.

Cracks in the World

Great interest to magi and scholars alike, the Jagged Expanse has several gashes in the landscape that are so deep no bottom can be seen. Seawatch claims that they "own" these cracks for scientific study.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
The Jagged, Redcliffs.
Location under

General Climate

Month High: Low: Precipitation:
PastFrost 59°F 31°F 4.8 inches
NewGrowth 61°F 38°F 6.5 inches
MidGrowth 64°F 45°F 4.2 inches
PastGrowth 67°F 52°F 3.9 inches
NewFlame 73°F 58°F 3.6 inches
MidFlame 75°F 61°F 3.2 inches
PastFlame 72°F 60°F 3.7 inches
NewRot 70°F 57°F 3.9 inches
MidRot 64°F 53°F 4.1 inches
PastRot 61°F 49°F 4.6 inches
NewFrost 58°F 31°F 4.8 inches
MidFrost 57°F 27°F 5.2 inches


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