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Riverwood Tree

A Collaborative Work of Krurnistal Xen’alza & Elias Dods.

Physical Description

The Motionless Land is home to a very unique and strange tree-like flora found strewn out across the landscape. As one would normally find a tree to raise boughs, branches, and twigs to the sky, this creation of the natural world has instead forsaken them for vine-like growths that trace along much of their hard bark. Its coloring aligns to blend into the firey surroundings, using oranges, browns, and yellows like an artist’s rendition of the afternoon out on the steppes. These vine-like growths are attached to the tree at a variety of points, creating this hardy design of bark and vine that could halt an axeblade with little damage to the inside. A look at the root system beneath the tree shows the strong pull of water from the surrounding land, giving way to the preferred arid soil of Frayroot Grass. Many old Riverwood Trees have damaged root systems from years of intermingling with Frayroot Grass, as the parasitic weed ate away at whatever it could reach.


If a mortal man could tap into the interior of a Riverwood Tree, they would find a plentiful bounty of water ready to be harvested from the soft fibers of the tree. Any skilled survivor of the land can extract simple foodstuffs from the combined nutrients of the leafy vines, torn roots, and spongey wood pulp of the tree. Although it will not be a filling meal, it does give one’s body something to digest during long treks across the Motionless Land. Few use the Riverwood Trees can be made into firewood with enough careful preparation and time spent draining and drying out the wood.

Spears of Life

In a continuous cycle of fighting for nutrients and water, Riverwood Trees stand out in the tall grasses of the Motionless Land, draining the watery lifeblood of the land in a desperate attempt to survive against the other flora species. Though sophonts see this useful plant as a tool in their survival, there is another struggle easily brushed past and forgotten. When these spear-like protrusions fall to age or otherwise naturally, they release the water stored and soak the land, giving rise to the Tunnel Tuber's ideal conditions, and quickly killing off surrounding Frayroot Grass. Time claims the wood, and the nutrients feed the soil, just like any other forgotten corpse.

General Information

Scientific Name
Videira Madaqua
Geographic Distribution
Key Characteristics
Water Collector, Life Bringer, Limbless Tree, Multi-Colored Camaflouge, Simple Foodstuffs.

To the Venerable Xen'alza,

It is my hope this letter finds you well, as you undertake the commendable endeavor to catalog the wildlife of Solith. Among your most recent batch of specimens, I continue to ponder over the classification of the bizarre Riverwood Tree. Your notes and dissections prove your expertise on the subject for by the uneducated approximation of my esteemed colleagues the plant is more akin to a desert cactus than a woodland tree. Still, I look forward to the future specimens brought into our botanical archive by your studies, so I wish you safe travels and good hunting.

Your Friend & Colleague,

Elias Dods

First Chronicler

Professor of Divination Studies

Cover image: by Damion Otter
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