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Frayroot Grass

A Collaborative Work of Krurnistal Xen’alza & Elias Dods.

Physical Description

The Frayroot Grasses are the first thing that many folks think of when they think of the Motionless Land. It is a strange mutation of nature, a thick orange grass spread throughout the surroundings, surviving the battering of the sun with its unique color. Its closest relative is the wild Shoot Grass that has managed to survive in the northern slopes of the Twin Peaks after the devastation of the regions ecosystem following The Fall. Unkempt and wild, Frayroot Grass grows not in bundles as many kinds of prairie grasses are wont to do, but as an unimaginable structure of singular sprouts, shoots, and roots all vying for potentially unclaimed soil. A lawn of the divines left to grow without a care.


A simple foodstuff for natural life, Frayroot Grass is a wonderful grazing material for herd animals and herbivores. Its vast quantities can allow for any herds who can survive the wilds of the Jagged to eat for years upon years. In a pinch, the shoots can be dried and used as kindling for fires through the cold nights brought on by the bitter wind blown in from the Blacksea. During the seasonal rains brought on by Shadiym and similarly wet occasions, the Frayroot Grasses of the Jagged recceed for weeks or even months at a time before returning with a vengeance to choke the land.

Predator Beneath the Soil

Frayroot Grasses are a destructive force, despite the beauty behind their unique sight. Though none but the worms can see it, the roots of this plant creep out, seeking more and more sustenance, leeching the land of nutrients, and devouring the roots of weaker species of flora. They thrive in the arid, windswept lands where they consume the weak and sick plantlife of the region. For those with a gift in magical arts, the seed clusters of the Frayroot Grass can serve as a potent reagent when harvested correctly, granting a small font of stout, earthen energy.

General Information

Scientific Name
Orgealihe sumpfriticae
Geographic Distribution
Key Characteristics
Arid Bloomer, Rust Colored, Grasping Roots, Tenacious Weeds, Parasitic.

Cover image: by Damion Otter
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