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Lastwatch Camp

This article was created during Summer Camp 2021 and may contain out of date information.


Taking inspiration from the Centaur camps of old, the Lastwatch Camp is a nomadic settlement that travels from the Verdant Expanse, near the Shardlands to the edge of Shatterhold until finally heading north until they reach the outskirts of the Seawatch to resupply. Their ultimate goal is to find and share the pleasures of the world.

Pick your Poison

From Shadder to Ichor, from quick flings to even love, it is said that every poison is available within the Lastwatch Camp.

General Information

Varies wildly but on average the camp has 30-40 constant residents.
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Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2021. This means it is likely incomplete and not to be taken as fully canon within the setting.

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