Ichor is a powerful alchemical reagent the color of obsidian, distilled from the blood of Abyssal Leviathans. Its unstable form is a volatile and temperamental honey-like liquid requiring airtight containers to store safely. Its stable form comes in a coarse and dense powder used in both alchemy and as a reliable explosive. Though intended primarily for use in alchemy as a binding agent, many disreputable souls across Haven instead use it as a potent performance-enhancing drug. When Ichor is ingested or introduced directly into the bloodstream, it grants a euphoric sense of power as it bestows inhuman boosts of strength, endurance, and agility.

Four States of Ichor

Alchemists of Seawatch have broken down Ichor into four major uses, each one named after the physical states of matter.

Liquid Ichor - Natural Ichor

The natural state of Ichor is a obsidian-colored liquid with suprisngly high viscosity. It must be kept in thick, glass containers due to its volitile nature. If Natural Ichor comes in contact with heat, vibration, or any other alchemical compounds the results are almost always a massive, toxic explosion capable of destroying entire buildings.

Solid Ichor - Ichorpowder

Ichor can be very carefully dried to a fine powder that works as a potent chemical explosive when exposed to heat or strong vibrations. The primary use of this Ichorpowder has been creating explosives for mining or demolitions. A few Artificers of Seawatch have also managed to make crude, ranged weapons that rely on using the explosive nature of Ichorpowder to shoot out metal balls out of long tubes.

Gaseous Ichor - Blackmist

Likely the most dangerous and least understood of state of Ichor, the gaseious form of Ichor, known as Blackmist, is capable of taking the life of any being it comes in contact with. The creation of Blackmist is known only to a single individual, known only of as "Mister Sir". If his studies and are correct, Blackmist even has the potential of killing Archangels. Perhaps even Divine.

Plasmatic Ichor - Anti-Glow

In recorded history, Plamatic Ichor has only been created once by a group of highly trained Magi from the various Schools of Seawatch. These Magi, who were not named in the report, claim to have created "Anti-Glow" from Ichor by infusing the liquid with the Glow valued at "two-hundred Magi". The result was a black, light-like substance that permanantly removed the magical abilities of one of the Magi working on the project. Further study into Anti-Glow has been barred by the various schools of Seawatch

General Information

250 gold per vial of liquid. 400 gold per vial of powder.
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Drug Use

In 9086, two scientists purchased a prisoner on death row for use for an Ichor-based expirements. Intending to use Natural Ichor as a means to kill the prisoner, charged for standing in the way of a Head Magi, the results instead gave the prisoner unnatural strength, agility, and constitution. The prisoner was able to escape and has not been apprehended to this day.
Since this incident, Ichor has been used as a drug by many people across Haven as a performance-enhancing drug. The black-market for Ichor has enabled the Merovingians to become one of the richest families within Seawatch


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