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Nesting into the very stones of the Black Mount, Ravenpeak sits as a roost for some of the most powerful, and corrupt, individuals of Haven. The Capital is dominated by the Raven Council, an oligarchy of Divine who reside in great temples built into the peak of the mountain. Massive, black and white Ravens circle the city working as the spies of the Council so that they may easily break any brewing rebellions within the lower districts.
Oh Raven
Nesting upon book and tome
Over the Black Mount, you glide
Where else may you claim home
— Shortened Poem of Allinis Coldwill

Mountain of Spires


As if in direct competition with the Black Mount itself the buildings rise in height the further the earth reaches into the sky. From afar, you can easily see the disctinct districts of Ravenpeak. Starting from the Lowlands, the base of the mountain, sits scattered houses of one or two stories. Each building is built to withstand the heavy storms of the Verdant Expanse. These stone-walled homes hold no distinction from what you may find to the Shards to the South outside of their careful placement to give room for planting.

Outer Court

If allowed your gaze to wander further up you would see the Outer Court. This district is ringed with a massive wall of dark stone chiseled with the motifs of massive ravens, each eye a glimmering gem the size of a child. Despite the height of these defenses, sharp roofs cut into the sky built upon two to three story buildings. Every roof in this district is constructed of the near-black slate quarried from the mountain itself. From these roofs are large perches constructed to hold the thousands of Ravens that watch over the city. With each story a building climbs, the walls are jutted out over the streets to help protect pedestrians from the endless wind and rain.

Inner Court

Further above sits the Inner Court, the home of the Noble Houses and various temple of Ravenpeak. With the very foundations of this district towering over the last the boundary between the classes is a physical constract as a social one. Buidings within the Inner Court can reach up to four stories in height with massive roofs large enough to function as storage or places of worship. Following the jutting walls of the Outer Court, many of the streets are completely covered as buildings merge together to form massive manors with streets winding through their foundations.
With little in the way of room for green spaces many Noble Houses have resorted to allowing vines and moss to grow in abundance along the raven-carved walls of their manors. This, alongside the storm-weathered stone, makes the entire district feel ancient and haunted well beyond its actual years.

The Peak

Finally gazing up into the clouds themselves you can see the Peak itself. As if deep in a ritual, seven distinct buildings stand in a circle around the peak of the Black Mount, each four stories high with walls lined with religious symbols and runes. Those with keen eyes can see the faint Glow channeling from the spires of each building towards the central tower that sits constantly shrouded in dark clouds. Wind and rain are a constant threat to any who wish to breach this sanctuary without the blessing of the Raven Council.

Black Mount Culture


Clinging to the ways of their ancestor Eld, the Elvenkyne of the Black Mount follow ancient traditions, rituals, and rules of etiquette that have been passed down through the generations. These ancient laws often play key roles in their society and are rarely explained to outsiders leaving them socially isolated. Such strong adherence to the ways of their ancestors, mixed with the diabolical plotting of their fallen leader, has lead to the people of Ravenpeak to rely on civil decorum laced with sharp with and cold plots in the place of direct action.





Factions of the Mountain

Raven Council

With Lord Tennant at the head, the Raven Council is both the government and religion of Ravenpeak.
  • Lord Tennant, Exarch of Portals and Lord of Ravenpeak
  • Lament, Exarch of Sorrow
  • Soulfang - Giant Raven, Leader of the Whisper-Scribes
  • S14 - First Steelforged given to Ravenpeak, Leader of the Steel Legion, Minor God of Blades
  • Ser Tethermarrow - Peak Elf Knight, Only of his Kind, and Caretaker of Tessamoni
  • Ahn'Mata'Val - Wyld Elf Messenger, Speaker to Narti, Ram's Favored Raven
  • Patriarch Firstroost - House-Speaker, First Founder, Archdruid
  • Reva-Alun of No House - Mistress of Ravens, Stormwatcher

Steel Legion

Lead by S14, an army of uncorruptable Steelforged that function as guards, police, and arm for Ravenpeak.


Need a proper name for the group. Whisper-Scribe


The people that build Ravenpeak with magic rather than real labor.

Noble Houses

Describe how the houses work. (9) Great House > (13) Major House > (20) Minor House > Grand Family > Lesser Family



  • Ram resides in the Black Mount as a quiet guardian, his focus now shifted from crops to murder.
  • Eld show up, offered the mountain as a place of residence in exchange for knowledge (Ram suggests this) - 8213 of Eld
  • Searching for a new patron, the Peak Elves quickly adopt Ram into their faith.
  • Ravenpeak is carved and built to mimic First Men architecture with the magic of the Eldish ruins.
  • Outer Court finished in 8273

Rise of Nobility

  • Inner Court finished in 8301
  • The Raven Court is organized, led by Ram, Lament, and two others* Fill out
  • The first noble estates rise in Ravenpeak, great mansions constructed for the glory and opulence of a great family. - 8316 of Eld
  • House-Bound ritual starts, magically binding families to Domain-like houses. With their very souls tied into the concept of their family and nobility, it becomes one the largest cultural impacts on Ravenpeak.

Global Prominence

  • Progress on turning the peak of the Black Mount into a massive temple dedicated to the Raven Pantheon begins in 8343.
  • The Peak is finished in 8410, marking a holy day for Ravenpeak.

The Fall

  • In preparation for his plan, Ram begins building up the defenses of Ravenpeak. Retracting all within the walls of the capital leaving the Lowlands to become desolate and unused.
  • Ram strikes down Lady Death, causing Ravenpeak to face the ire of the entire continent.
  • Already rife with backstabbing and plotting because of Ram's influence, now isolated Ravenpeak's culture shifts exclusively to the wishes of the Raven Council becoming cruel, dangerous, and vengeful.


  • With Ram gone, and plenty of proof he is now the new leader, Lord Tennant takes his place as head of the Raven Council.
  • With the Domain of Plots no longer dominating the streets of Ravenpeak, the people lose their almost supernatural ability to connive and cheat each other. But instead, greed sets in like an iron vice making the once isolated capital look outward to gain more wealth and power.
  • Lord Tennant declares the capital home to all people, as long as they hold power. Xenophobia still runs rampant and Peak Elves still take up much of the Inner Court.
  • With nowhere to place refugees now coming to the capital to prove their worth, the Lowlands are rebuilt.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Raven's Peak
Nearing 25,000.
Inhabitant Demonym
Ravling, Peaker (derogatory)
Location under
Additional Rulers/Owners
Related Tradition (Primary)
Characters in Location


Laws of Ravenpeak


Mountain of Storms

The weather of the Black Mount becomes progressively more hostile the further the city climbs. As part of the capitals natural defenses, this weather keeps away any who would wish to approach from the skies. In fact, surviving the higher regions is impossible without the proper magical blessings.

Watching Ravens

The Ravens of Black Mount are sophontic, communicative, and selflessly dedicated to the Raven Council. Thousands of ink-black eyes watch quietly, reporting everything they witness to their masters.


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