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The Blight-Mother

As the plagues of the earth escaped from between her lips, the Blight-Mother took it upon herself to save the Realm she had promised to her many children. With string made of her own sinew, the Lady of Plagues sewed her mouth shut so that sickness would never crawl upon the flesh of mortals or reside within their lungs.
— Tome of the Ten


Known as both a Goddess and a cautionary tale, Lament is worshipped by those that believe there is nothing left in this life but suffering. It is said that she traded the lives of those she loved for her chance at divinity. As she laid the final corpse upon the altar of creation, she had a moment of clarity. Deep sorrow wracked her soul and her body grew cold. Crying out in anguish she pleaded for it to end, even as she was granted the immortality she had so desperately craved.
Traveling the world, tears still streaming from her face the Blight-Mother spread disease and sickness. Her attempts on her own life were frivolous but many. To help save the land from the disease that fell from her eyes and the sickness her cries of anguish brought upon the people she sew her eyes and mouth shut and hid herself away.
Today, she resides at the top of Ravenpeak . One of the many cruel, ancient beings that make up the Raven Council.
Even with threads stitched through her delicate, decaying lips you can still hear her screams.

Divine Domains

Disease, Sorrow, Redemption, Guilt, Pain, and Wickedness.
Cleric Domains: Arcana, Death.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A woman's pale lips sewn shut.

General Information

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Goddess of Sorrow, Mother of Disease, Goddess of Suffering, Lady of Dispair, The Blight-Mother
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

Quick Notes

  • Lament is a member of the Raven Council.
  • Her Archangels have the domains of Wickedness, Sorrows, and Disease.

From the Tome

  • Lament was known as Enmelia before her transcendence to an Exarch.

Disease Domain

As required by her oath to the living of Solith, Lament controls the spread of disease, plague, and sickness. Instead of using her Domain as a tool for destruction, the Exarch and her Plague-Wights instead use their own bodies as vessels for disease so that no other creature on Solith must suffer.

Sorrow Domain

When the blade fell from her hand and her sister gave her final breath; tears fell down Lament's face with such force that the skies themselves grew heavy with sadness and tried to wash away her pain with the rain. On that day, Lament learned that sorrow is not only the strongest emotion but also the greatest weapon.

Articles under Lament

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