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Capital of the Unfallen


Lead by Highking Augar, the Archangel of Sanctuary, Grinwalde is most prominently known for being the capital city of the Unfallen people. The people of Grinwalde have gone so far as to place large signs warning that the living have no place within the halls of the dead.
Having been laid to waste by an unknown force, Grinwalde was left empty of people making the transition from being a city of the living to a city of the dead uncannily convienent. Many alive today can still recall the old Grinwalde, known for it's massive arena and nearly anarchal government under the rule of the Mad-King.

Guilds and Factions

The Pale Herdsmen

The purely carniverous deit of the Unfallen has forced Grinwalde to take on a larger agricultural than their infastructure would seem to allow. After purchasing a massive amount of cattle, game, and otherwise farmable animals from Shardholm, Graystone, or anywhere they could find them, the organization known as the Pale Herdsmen was formed to help maintain the newly acquired livestock. However, many of the Herdsmen are comprised of ex-alchemists of Seawatch in search of a way to grow their own meat through alchemical or magical means rather than the natural order.


Many Unfallen still wander Haven in a daze, unsure of who they are or what to do with their reawakening. It is the job of the Flesh-Catchers to collect these lost individuals and return them to Grinwalde so that they may be reeducated on their purpose. Many of the Shackle-Giver Caravans have been bought by the Flesh-Catchers for this exact purpose.


78 of Fall - Destruction
Under a black sky and without a sound the city of Grinwalde is nearly destroyed and it's people vanish. Outside forces such as Graystone and Ravenpeak have reports claiming that the entire capital was engulf in darkness. Any creatures that went in did not come out. After two days, the darkness left and the capital was silent and empty.
81 of Fall - Capital of the Unfallen
With Lady Death's blessing, Grinwalde becomes the capital of the Unfallen people.
84 of Fall - Highking
Augar crowns himself Highking of Grinwalde, and it's cities. Historians remark about his actions as being a "repeat of the past".
88 of Fall - Phantoms
As conflict arises across the domains of Grinwalde, Lady Death supplies Grinwalde with its most infamous and feared of troops, the Phantoms.
90 of Fall - Birth of a Merchant Empire
Unable to tire and needing little in the way of sustenance, the Unfallen of Grinwalde now dominate the tradeways across the Verdant Expanse and beyond.


Fed by the massive stones carved from the old Gorgewald Quarry, most of Grinwalde's structures are made out of graystone and varnished timber. Due to the lack of construction laws or even guidelines, most of inner Grinwalde has an almost maze-like quality to it of stone, timber, and cobbled streets. It is almost impossible to navigate as a non-native.
Remnants of original architecture before the reign of the Madking can be found closer to central arena that takes up a large portion of Grinwalde. These structures, taking an appearance of some of the older First Men cities, are made completely of large, light gray stone bricks constructed in a manner to appear seamless. The unnaturally smooth texture of the stone is in stark contrast to the rustic, crumbling city that can be seen around these older structures.
Dead but not Fallen

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Tombcity (Slang)
Around 30,000
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Once Grand Arena

The Arena of Grinwalde used to be the major attraction to the lawless city but it has become defuct under the reign of Highking Augar. At the center of the Arena now lies a massive, gaping portal that sheds an eerie purple light both day and night.

Quicksilver Throne

Within 30 years the ownership of Grinwalde has changed a total of four times. The phrase "Quicksilver Throne" is now slang for a place of position where the leader is often let go or killed before their due time.

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