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Archangel of Sanctuary


As the Archangel of Sanctuary and Lord of Grinwalde, Augar is leader of the Unfallen people. Though little was known of the Archangel before the return of Lady Death he has become one of the most prominent figures within Haven known for his strong leadership and his unwavering devotion to the Unfallen.


Compared to many of the Archangels found across Solith, Augar is a relatively new Divine having only ascended under Lady Death only just short of a thousand years ago. The reason for his ascension has been recorded to change every time he tells the tale to his followers. His inability to keep his own personal history straight has lead to a complete lack of writing about him or his religion.

Enemies of Sanctuary

Many still remember the disaster of Grinwalde that cost the lives of thousands and resent the Archangel for it. Those that still hunt the Unfallen view him as the ultimate threat to the living. One such group founded within Ravenpeak, known as Ram's Blade, are dedicated to the extermination of the Unfallen and eventually Augar himself.

General Information

Divine Classification
Archangel of Sanctuary
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Archangel of Sanctuary, Lord of the Unfallen, Lord of Grinwalde, Arena-King, The Madking, Sanctus, Scholar of Blood, Great Warden, Kin-of-Death
Ruled Locations
Augar is a strange skeletal giant of a First Man and acts like one with his way of thinking, alongside his illusions of grandeur and power to back it up. He is both a relaxed uncle and a mad aunt that will let you have a few barrels of ale but laugh the fuck outta you when you have a two t’a three day hangover.
He is the archangel of sanctuary, sure, but is more suited to madness as he is as likely to give ya' help you as he is to push you off of the side of Sanctus to see what happens. He enjoys watching you try but loves to say I told ya' so. He is both an asshole and a concerned father but more like your second-father. He is someone that if you do what he says he will let you do it but if ya' don’t, ya' will most likely be a part of the Slaughter of Grinwalde. He is someone to trust but also not, but ya do so on your own choice and that is how he is, everything is your choice even if it fucks ya' over, but then after that he will laugh at ya before telling ya' back up.

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