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Once known as the Archangel of Change, Quatzicalix became a Divine in her own right during the Fall of Lady Death. Though her power wanes from her limited worship, she strives to become the change Haven, and all of Solith, needs to survive the Fall.


As a Mortal

Like most of the true followers of Lady Death, Quatzicalix was born to the world as a Solmite woman by the name of Alexit Witchwood. Though she was born to simple parents within the capital of Bastion, she would soon join the church of Lady Death as a Crypt Priest.
During her time as a mortal she revolutionized the preparation of bodies as an expert mortician, taking it upon herself to learn the secrets of both life and death to better serve Lady Death. Her influence eventually lead to the reorganization of the Second Path within the Lady's Sepulcher. Bodies were no longer to be wrapped up with cloth wrappings and kept hidden away but to be changed into beautiful cadavers kept unrotting through the use of various chemicals.

As an Angel

With her name now known to the people as Quatzicalix, her mission to help humanity grow past its ancient roots of hatred was in full force. Her belief simply stating that though people may not be born equal, all are equal in death.

As a Goddess

This is a secret. We will have to find out over the next couple of weeks.

Divine Domains


General Information

Divine Classification
Lesser God
Year of Birth
2279 6811 Years old


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