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Death Domain


In the days of the First Ten, Sanctus was believed to be the resting place of the dead before crossing the Endbridge to their rightful destination. Little is actually known what is past the Endbridge, of the few scholars that have managed to enter the Death Domain, only two have survived to return. The first claimed the land to be inhospitable to the living, a realm of broken laws and countless spirits and the second stating that the place was a peaceful resting place and should not be feared. Both writings were recorded within the Tome of the Ten, despite their contradictory nature.
O' Sanctus, land of death unforgotten. Cold, silent, under her watchful gaze. Watch as the souls of the damned and the saved cross the Endbridge. Watch as soldier and child alike meet their fate.
— Tome of the Ten, Unknown Author.

Gateway Sigil

The center clearing of Sanctus is host to a massive sigil covered in dozens of smaller sigils written in various languages.
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General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Lady's Domain (Archaic, only found in old texts)
Dimensional plane
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