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Realm of Opposition


Odius is the cosmic battlefield where ice and flame have locked themselves in mortal combat for untold eons. No realm in the Cosmos captures their primal elements' duality quite like this tidally locked world. As centuries-long war wages from the sunbaked lands of its molten surface to the desolate wasteland of its frozen half. War waged by massive Titans directing armies of their children in chaotic battles that have lasted nearly as long as the Cosmos has existed. All in a desperate vie for control over the coveted "Core of Odius." When this chaos became so great it threatened the very stability of Odius, the greatest minds in three realms came together and sealed away the destructive world.


There is no oceans, only a massive canyon filled with boiling water at the center of the realm. One side is molten magma and the other is frozen wasteland. This leaves little room for civilizations of any kind.

Atmospheric Conditions

What little air there is, is either toxic from volcanic fumes or nearly impossible to breathe because of the tiny shards of ice from the frozen water in the air.


Nothing but two Elemental factions, maybe a third in the middle.




Nada, but maybe? Welll....

Energy Sources

Primal Fire is found in the lava side as the heat source. Primal Ice is found on the ice side for the reason there is no heat. Glow is all being used up to block anything from entering or exiting the realm.


Not much of it.


Realm of Opposition


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