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Baranir Blackforge

Baranir Blackforge


Having seen what life was like when only the living walked the land, Baranir is the second son of what remains of the Blackforge Clan in Graystone. A craftsman and cleric of Quatzicalix, he has long since joined the Gravehunter's Guild and their struggle against the unliving. Though some time has past since his name has been listed with another gravepact, Baranir has been called once again to sign his name with the Waywatcher Pact.
The world isn't what it used to is much more complicated and death even more so...
— Baranir Blackforge

Divine Domains


Tenets of Faith

Walking the road of change is difficult it is uneven and equal to none other you may walk. Some will say that they have no way to break the chains that bind them to their stagnant lives, but that is but a self imposed lie to hold themselves back. The truth is that the road is always there and willing to accept your journey, it is present at birth and will remain till death when all are made equal.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

We must build strength and faith by gathering followers from the masses who have been locked into a stagnant hell of countless cataclysms that torture Haven.

Physical Description

Body Features

Not a very tall dwarf, standing at around 4 feet 6 inches carrying a dense 190lbs, with thicker skin the color of stone, Baranir’s overall build is that of a stocky dwarf, his body cut from rough stone and shaped into a tool, an anvil for his enemies to be smashed against. He has broad shoulders for a dwarf and proudly sticks out his chest. His large hands are rough, being burnt, bruised and broken over and over again have shaped into perfect tools for smithing and smashing.

Facial Features

Known for having a face stuck in deep concentration and silvery grey eyes studying the world around him. Having somewhat of a wider face, lower cheekbones, and a larger dwarven nose all topped with wild almost bloody, red hair that falls and tangles into a burly beard reaching down to his chest with several lengths pulled through silver rings, though two thicker lengths are pulled down to suspend what looks to be small cylindrical cencers that are lit at all times giving off small streams of smoke.

Identifying Characteristics

Out of all his features one is clearly visible as it is a large scar on the right side of his face that as if from hand that had sharp nails or maybe claws, raking deep into it from his cheek bone through half his cheek.

Special abilities

As a cleric Baranir is able to cast spells and use gifted power from his Divine, Quatzicalix.   As an angel he is able to manifest the Domain of Change to perform miracles that would not be possible without being a Divine.

Apparel & Accessories

In his off time, Baranir likes to wear more simple clothes consisting of thicker cloth that is pulled tight against his form and cut off at his shoulders leaving his arms bare to see showing off several different tattoos displaying heritage, religion and other feats. His pants are fading black and covered in pockets filled with various smithing implements and hammers. These pants end in thicker more sturdy black boots that are well worn and fading.

Specialized Equipment

Baranir carries with him a shield depicting his newfound faith in Lady of Change. Upon the shield is a visage of the goddess, a beautiful and serene featureless woman flanked by both a lion and a goat with a couple of large bird like beaks stretching out from her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Having lived before the fall Baranir remembers when most life wasn't a hell cornered by the unfallen, but that does not mean life was ever full of happiness or cheer to begin with. As most blackhill dwarves are born they are given a selection of years to serve under strict slavery before being given certain allowances needed for a functional citizen. He was debted to work for a large part of his life in the mines of Graystone as was common before being allowed to take up a constant job based off of his clan's skills which gave the choice of blackstone mason or smithery. He worked the mines for several years before he prematurely bought himself out of it with material he had discovered deep inside.

A prodigy of the clan who bought himself out of slavery, he strived to learn blacksmithing along with exploring a newfound faith in Terras, he traveled to learn and make connections with various peoples in Haven to bring work and commerce into Graystone in an attempt to secure his kin's freedoms. But that changed when the Lady of Death fell and the world as he knew it grew ever darker, travel became deadly and the mines filled with death and unfallen ambushes. He returned to Graystone and lived there until the Raven's call sounded across Haven, this was when his life changed and his faith turned into holy fire to strike the hordes as a new guild was formed to delve into the Blistered to cleanse the unfallen.


His Father taught him all he knows about stone and iron and how to shape it. His knowledge of history and people was taught by his mother and the stone journals of his clan's ancestors. When he was courting his wife, Azmelyn Stonefoot, he was taught how to craft the finer trinkets out of more precious metals and gems.

Failures & Embarrassments

He has a bad habit of not being where people need him to be, in times of disaster he has failed to be there for his family and it gnaws at him to his core.

Mental Trauma

When Death fell..the feeling of an emptiness in his soul that threatened to swallow him in both mind and body. Without that connection to the divine he felt abandoned and lost for some time leaving a scar that shows itself whenever his connection is severed.

Through his adventures with the Waywatchers he has met death with open eyes and seen it so many times, from falling off of mountain sides, being surrounded by unfallen, stabbed through the chest by madness creatures, even by being cut open by a godess, through all of this he has grown distant from the fear of death and sometimes even jumps at the opportunity instead of someone else falling to its grasp.

Intellectual Characteristics

He knows he is not the smartest mind out there but even without the mind to remember things he is sure to write down what he may not recall when he needs it.

Personality Characteristics


"I strive to shatter the chains of this world and leads everyone onto the road of change to relieve them of this stagnant depravity we of Haven have slowly slipped into. Doing this will help me create a better life for my family, for without them I do not think I would have survived the Gravemarch or the events after..I owe them that.."

Likes & Dislikes

Having a soft spot for animals, Baranir does what he can to protect them like children or kin. He also loves stew finding it the perfect meal that can have anything you want in it.


Contacts & Relations

Dead Night, a strange and young Tabaxi who worked to ferry people around Verdant to Graystone and Ravenpeak. Having to go through a few transactions in Ravenpeak for the Blackforge Clan, he has grown to slowly dislike the diplomacy of Ravenpeak, but look forward to hearing what the young Tabaxi had learned from other customers.


Seth Tutenwald, a young and fresh grave hunter fought in the gravemarch, smart ass lad traded me a kushtaka pelt for a axe to fell the undead. Baranir keeps the pelt under his cloak and wears it as a sign of respect to the lad he once knew.


Crimm Turtenwald , the grandson of Seth. A fine man and capable warrior when combating the various horrors of Haven. He is tied with the horrifying Shadiym but that can be forgiven.. He has shown promise as an ally and walks with the Waywatchers admirably. I have given my word to assist him in gaining strength and difficult manners involving his divines.


Oryn Runescar , a centaur druid. He is powerful and most into with the spirits of the world. He has proven to be quite knowledgable and intuitive when it comes to surviving the dangers of the land and its monsters. He walks with the Waywatchers and has shown prowess in healing and summoning creatures to rid the way of enemies. I hope to help him with restoring his old gods when he calls upon us to do so.


Kelden Ru , an elven monk restricted into the marble form he calls perfection. A curious soul who strikes his foes with marbled fists and wishes to help the world. He so recently has been erred by the shattering of his faith, knowledge given by the godbeast Draaken. As conflicted as he is currently I wish to help him find his way into a light that moves him forward and keeps the good in him.


Fenn Ashmouth, a young woman who shows some connection with the goddess Quatzicalix while she was an angel. She has joined the Waywatchers recently and there is not much known of her. But she shows great promise in battle as her ancestors taker her body and uses it to assist in the fray. She seems almost confused like the marbled Kelden, perhaps I can help her find faith in her actions and hope in her past as she searches for her Father in this dark world.

Family Ties

Azmelyn Stonefoot-Blackforge: Wife of Baranir, A calm and collected woman who has often been the quenching oil to Baranir’s fiery anger when he would get into arguments or confrontations with people. She is kind and warm hearted soul who keeps the world bright in Baranir’s eyes. She usually tends to the business side of the forge and is very smart when it comes to dealing with customers and their money. Though she has become business oriented, she is a proud goldsmith and jeweler, the one who taught Baranir what he knows about the more delicate sides of a forge.

Religious Views

He is devout and bound to Quatzicalix the lesser god of Change, and with this views the changing of all things as miraculous growth in the world and self.

Hobbies & Pets

The Het'lik, Rhudari has come to travel as a pack with him since being summoned from the Wyld. She has never been chained, and never will be, as she is allowed to hunt for herself and is able to assist in the hunt for unfallen and other unsavory beings.


Dead Night


Towards Baranir Blackforge


Baranir Blackforge


Towards Dead Night


General Information

Divine Classification
Current Residence
Without a physical home, Baranir wanders Haven with the Waywatcher Pact but holds his true home as wherever Azmelyn, his wife, stays.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Look to the sky, see that? The sun's forge is still lit, we have time to craft a new plan and move forward."
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Solm, Verd, Ilromnol, and Telvnol.

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