Dead Night

Year of Birth
60 (18 years old)
Aligned Organization
Waywatcher Pact

Twin Hills First Impressions
5th day of the 6th month of the 78th year After Fall

I was given an assignment with a group of fellow grave hunters to investigate a local village called Twin Hills. Upon arriving i began attending to my duties quite quickly, and was not surprised at the lack of resources, upset at a lack of guard, and found it easy to count people age wise, whomever I didn't see I was able to get from over hearing my companions talk. The towns folk seem oddly complacent, yet afraid of our warforged, for their children's disappearances, and some sort of madness around the town. We have spoken on ways to deal with the madness, and intend to deal with that tonight, the children were easier to resolve, as we found an undead being fed children, most likely because they were easy targets, and found that a man named Satin seems to be feeding an undead family member, and worshiping a severed head of the wife of a Blood Eater, this town might need to be purged, whatever the marble warforged may say. we ended up killing the undead, but due to Keldin's inspection he desecrated the body and we had to fight it's specter, it was not a hard battle, but annoying, we had it overwhelmed quite easily. Also, Keldin is not a reliable worker, and has an odd fair trade ideal, I don't intend to let him help unless it involves fighting, talking, or intimidation of townsfolk.

After Fall


Author's Notes

Character Art:
K'Rhass by Marina Sharapova

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