Gravehunter's Guild

Death to the Unfallen

Kill them quick, but most importantly, kill them cleanly. Don't want them coming back even angrier. Once the corpse stops moving, burn the body. Something about fire makes the spirits have a tough time getting out. After that, scatter the ashes. Respect is important, even in undeath.

Common Knowledge

Originally created to help bring expert hunters together under one organization, the Gravehunter's guild has grown to be a dominating military force to be used against the undead plague. Renown for their lethality, Gravehunters are given equal parts respect and fear from the common folk.

The Raven's Call

Historical Entry: Raven's Call
The entirety of the Gravehunter's Guild is amassing in Ravenpeak. Working directly for the Raven Court, it is said that the second Grave March is swiftly approaching. If something is not done soon, Shatterhold will likely fall.

Uncommon Knowledge

Hunter's Sigil

Every Gravehunter is given a small sigil attached to a silvered chain. This sigil is enchanted in a way to always receive messages from the Guild if they are urgently needed. It can also be used to show rank, with more experienced Gravehunters having far more intricate sigils.

On Cultural Topics


With their capital Guildhall residing within Graystone's most prominent slaver district, it is not uncommon for the Gravehunter's Guild to hire slaves, or more specifically slavemasters, to speed up manual labor. Despite this, most of the Guild frowns upon slavery due to the inherent risk of keeping them alive. Slaves are not allowed to join the Gravehunter's Guild under any circumstance.


Before 21 AF, only Manfolk, Faefolk and a small amount of Beastfolk were allowed to join the ranks of the Gravehunters. After the Grave March, this ban was quickly removed to help grow their numbers after such a great loss. Today, any race may join the Gravehunter's Guild and the Guild is actually renown for their tolerance. Every Guildhall is required to be able to supply aid to any race no matter how foreign. This rule is sometimes unachievable due to material costs or lack of skilled labor, but an attempt is always made.


Huntsman's Guild

Historical Entry: Huntsman's Guild Founded
Before being rebranded, the Gravehunter's Guild was known as the Huntsman's Guild. Established in 983 BF, the Huntsman's Guild was renown for its expert beast and bounty hunters. Though the price was often steep you knew your task would be completed when you hired a hunter from the Guild.

From Beasts to Undead

Historical Entry: Gravehunter's Guild Founded
After the Fall the Guild began to be hired more often for slaying the undead than their original prey of the living. This transition from Huntsmen to Gravehunters was unexpected by the guild members and lead to political turmoil within the Guild. Many of the Huntsmen did not wish to risk their lives fighting the undead when there was plenty of dangerous men and beasts to be hunted down. Nearly a third of the guild left during the next few years. In a strange turn of fate, the countless families slain by the undead menace left plenty of young, furious survivors that could be tempered into killing machines by the Guild.

The Grave March

Historical Entry: The Grave March
The year 21, AF, will always be remembered with grim satisfaction by Gravehunters. Hundreds of Gravehunters were gathered under a single banner and given the singular purpose of reclaiming a strategic location from the hordes of undead.

Ultimately, the battle was a success. The fortress of Shatterhold was built and countless undead were slain. However, the fortress itself was created from the Blackstone and the remains of Gravehunter and undead alike. If it were not for the sacrifice of hundreds, thousands would have likely fallen to the dead.

Death to the Undying

Founding Date
9 AF
Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
The Guild
Training Level
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

Honor to the March

Any Gravehunter that survived the Grave March is considered an elite amongst the Guild. It is not uncommon for fresh Gravehunters to seek them out for their knowledge.

Articles under Gravehunter's Guild

Before Fall

After Fall


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