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Watched over by the wordly eyes of King Dandilay Dinae the Capital of Wyldkeep is home to the Elvenkyne within Haven. The original foundations of Wyldkeep, and its sister-towers, were first made thousands of years before the Eld crossed Wyld. Their original purpose may have been forgotten but today they are invaluable protection against the corrupting influence of the The Wyld and the creatures that live under its suffocating canopy.

The Char

In the year of 87 of Fall, known as the Year of Flames to the Briar Elves, Wyldkeep finally had enough of the constant attacks form the Wyld. Turning on the offensive under order by King Dandilay Dinae, Wyldkeep sent out word for every Pyromancer, Chemist, and Flame-Bearing Paladin to meet at Sister Allai. Then, for the entire dry season, Wyldkeep charred away layer after layer of the Wyld until there was nothing left but the charred remains of Elves and trees.
Do you hear the singing from the trees? Perhaps the whispers of the forest tingle your mind. Do not give into them. They only mean to bring you to madness.
— Wyldkeep Guard


Built by the First Men the Six Towers of Parsegura were constructed to keep invaders from the East from ever crossing the jungle. Eventually, when no threat ever appeared, the towers were left to crumble under the weight of time. It was not until after around the 1st of Eld that the towers were to be rebuilt to protect Haven from external threats.
Leaving as much of the original structures as they could the Elvenkyne used various Druidic magics to refortify the six towers to help them keep the Wyld from hunting them down. Trees as strong as iron, massive stone tablets, deadly vines, and ferocious beasts all make up the defenses of Wyldkeep and her Sister-Towers.


Looming over the other Sister-Towers, Wyldkeep is a fortified city constructed from the remnants of several towering spires and two stonework walls built by the original First Men inhabitants. While the Sister-Towers provide the protection and skilled labor for the Capital, Wyldkeep is home to the majority of the population and supplies enough food for each tower and any outskirt settlements.
With little in the way of farmland, the several spires of Wyldkeep have been renovated to work as hanging gardens fueled by Druidic magic to supply an abundance of food. However, this rampant use of Primal Life has had a toll on the surroundings and requires specialty Druids to draw Prime directly from the Wyldwood Trees. In simple terms, Wyldkeep requires its enemy to survive.

Protection of the Sisters

Each Sister-Tower of Wyldkeep is maintained by a specific Aega, or Order when translated from Lower Elvish, and a rotating cast of soldiers. Great care is taken to make sure no soldier is ever protecting any single tower for too long to help avoid losing them to the Madness.
Sister Ahfi
Known as Sister Flame when translated from Lower Elvish, Sister Ahfi is home to the Aega of Ahfila, a group of artificers and scholars dedicated to the cleansing of madness through fire. Though the technological wonders of Wyldkeep may appear rudimentary in comparision to Ravenpeak or Seawatch, the Druids of Ahfila have artificied hundreds of tools responsible for Wyldkeep's survival.

Sister Gai
Known as Sister Sea when translated from Lower Elvish, Sister Gai manages the flow of trade across Wyldkeep and with other settlements. Mantained by Aega of Taif, a group of seasonal mercenaries sworn to Wyldkeep, Sister Gai is mostly empty during the dry season.

Sister Allai
Known as Sister of Men when translated from Lower Elvish, Sister Allai is watched over by the First Men Knight Ser Ohaus who was bound to the towers walls permanently with Druidic Magic. The Aega of Ta'Ulu are legendary warriors bound, magically rather than physically, to the tower alongside Ser Ohaus.

Sister Evyu
Known as Sister Earth when translated from Lower Elvish, Sister Evyu is the most fortified of the Five Sisters. Underneath the tower is a large, cavernous region that makes up the den for the Aega of Evula, a large group of Elvish Druids dedicated to understand stone, earth, and the creatures that burrow beneath. All the stone used in repairs is harvested from the caves beneath Sister Evyu.

Sister Avali
Known as Sister Wind when translated from Lower Elvish, Sister Avali was thought a lost cause before the Year of Flame with The Wyld growing right at its tower gates. Because of the dangerous proximity, even after the Char, only the dishonored are ever stationed at Sister Avali and no Aega has claimed it.



The people of Wyldkeep are broken up into various Aega, orders bound to specific ideals both in and out of combat. These factions may have different purposes and goals that allow Wyldkeep to function and be maintained, but they are all bound together by blood-oath and kinship when fighting back the ever encroaching Wyld.
It is also the duty of the Aega to come together every ten years to vote for the newest King of Wyldkeep, a position of absolute authority for as long as they sit at the throne and serve to forward the goals of Wyldkeep.
At the coronation of a new King, each Aega comes forward to swear two oaths, binding each Aega to the King and each King to every Aega. The first oath given by the Aega is the promise of protection from enemies near and far. The second oath is given from the King to each Aega swearing to die by the blade of the people if they ever work against the interests of Wyldkeep.
Aega of Ahfila
Pyromantic artificiers and scholars dedicated to the cleansing of the Wyld's madness through flame. They are often considered a dangerous necessity by the people of Wyldkeep and kept under the watchful eye of the other Aega. If it weren't for the quantity, and quality, of the weapons and tools artificed by the Aega of Ahfila they would have likely been abolished generations ago.

Aega of Evula
Subterranean Druids that are dedicated to mastering architecture, mathmatics, and mushroom farming.

Aega of Ful'Agata
(Ashen Guard) Knights dedicated to maintaining the Char. Duties include protecting pyromancers, maintaining the Flamesteps, and keeping the char burning.

Aega of Taif
Seasonal mercenaries that remain in Wyldkeep during the rains and leave during the dry season.

Aega of Ta'Ulu
Elite and powerful warriors magically bound to the Sister Allai and taught by a First Man knight.


More coming when I find the time.


87 of Rebirth - Year of Flames
Through the mass conscription of pyromancers across Haven, Wyldkeep burns away an estimated 40 square miles of Wyldgrowth. The smoke was able to be seen from as far away as Shardholm. Hundreds of lives were lost but it is believed by the populace the newfound safety was worth the price.


  • Wyldkeep Region

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Wyld Sisters
The population of Wyldkeep varies from 15,000 during the dry season to around 30,000 during the rainy season.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under


  • Briar Elf: 68%.
  • Peak Elf: 30%.
  • Other: 2%.

Laws & Customs

Never Eastward
Traveling towards the Wyld without direct orders from an Ega is punishable by death.
Anyone who is deemed corrupted by the Wyld by the community is excecuted.
Wyld Signs
Any sign of madness in any individual is to be reported to the nearest Aega at once.
Pure of Blood
Only Briar and Peak Elves are allowed within Wyldkeep. All other Elvenkyne, including the Eld, are considered corrupted.

Major Exports

Herbs and Reagents

The agricultural industry of Wyldkeep is focused on farming herbs, reagents, and exotic flora rather than food.

Elvish Crafts

With crafstmanship passed down from their Eldic ancestors, the unique creations of the Elvenkyne are often worth small fortunes to outsiders.

Major Imports


The craftsman of Wyldkeep have no access to steel, or other refined metals, and must import it from other places.


During the dry season, many Elvenkyne spend the safer months in Western cities. Because of this seasonal migration, Wyldkeep is forced to hire external labor to keep the capital running.

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