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Verdant Plains


Making up the bulk of the Verdant Expanse, the Verdant Plains are home to very few settlements despite its size due to the yearly floods that make the ground often marshy and unstable. The Verdant Plains once stretched out to about the center of the Blistered Expanse, before the Fall.
Work with Michael and Tidus about getting a few animals linked to this location. Thinking lots of quick, 4-legged beasties.


With the yearly floods quickly erasing any unsturdy, newgrowth the Verdant Plains are easily identifiable by the few massive trees that make up its skyline. The rains have carefully carved the land into rolling hills with veins of small springs and rivers found within any section of the Verdant Plains.

Fauna & Flora

The high amount of rain, constant Druidic Influences from the Gorgewald Forest, and the unnatural resource-rich soil has lead to the Verdant Plains being home to hundreds of unique species of flora and fauna.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Great Plains, Southern Plains
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Inhabiting Species

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