Not fully a Shard of Shardholm but not accepting of the Trade Agreements of Seawatch and resisting the religious pressure of the City of Marble, Drudge finds itself in a tense political situation between three Capitals attempting to control the unruly settlement and its valuable, slough-based resources.

From the Slough

Thousands of corpses lay at the base of the Graywater River, bloated and rotting. Over the years, these corpses have nearly stopped the flow of the river as it reaches the Blacksea creating a unique environment based around fester and rot.
This bile-ridden slough-land was only made worse by the arrival of the Shardland's Runegate that seemed to have empowered the scavengers and parasites that feast upon the decade-old corpses. This unique environment of death, magic, and pestilence has created Drudge a fortune from selling poisons, alchemical reagents, and literal motes of death.

General Information

Outpost / Base
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What is a Slough?

In North America, "slough" may refer to a side-channel from or feeding a river, or an inlet or natural channel only sporadically filled with water.

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