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Easily identified as the largest building within Woodcreek, the Hillsack Inn is more of a communal living space for travelers, traders, and wanderers than a proper inn one might generally find in Haven. It has two stories and a large basement used as a dining area.
Ground floor is an entry way and common space for people to get adjusted. There is a large hearth used to spit-cook entire animals. There are a few seating areas and a general relaxing atmosphere.
The second floor is a large communal sleeping space without any walls. Beds, comfortable, seating, piles of pillows and blankets, are all supplied. It is cheap lodging but no food or drink is allowed in the sleeping area.
The basement has been transformed into a massive dining hall where food is served buffet style. The primary purpose of this area, besides consuming vast amounts of food, is to be a local hotspot for traders to discuss business over a warm meal. It is especially popular the day before the Festival of the Grove.

Season 2 Related

This article directly relates to Season 2 of our campaign and likely will be adjusted frequently.

General Information

Alternative Names
Hillsack Inn
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Quick Notes

  • It is owned by Dormit Sitmill.
  • The Hillsack was named after large sacks of food that the village founders had to transport up and down the hills to feed the growing village.

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