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Shard of Shardholm


Though closer to the capital of Graystone than Shardholm, Woodcreek is a long time support of Queen Holm and deeply established in the Shardlands economy. Through trade with Graystone, Ravenpeak, and even Grinwalde the village is responsible for nearly all timber that goes in and out of the Shardlands region.
Woodcreek originally was surrounded by a large, forested grove but due to bad forest management most of the trees were cut down. Today, efforts to regrow the grove are watched over carefully by the Grovetender's Guild, a collective of Life Conduits directly hired by Shardholm.

Has no official guard from Shardholm, prefers to rely on the Grovetender's Guild and hired rangers to keep their stuff safe.
Woodcreek has fairly weak relations with Shardholm despite being a Shard of the Capital. This is due to their reliance on Graystone and Grinwalde and their distance from Shardholm.

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