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Hillgrove Mausoleum


Originally built to house those that had dedicated themselves to Lady Death but had been forgotten by the living, the Hillgrove Mausoleum has always been considered haunted in one way or another. Before the Fall, the land around it was said to be tainted by angry spirits who wished to be remembered and during it no one dare approach any shrine of Lady Death. Even after the Mindless Unfallen were removed and Woodcreek had been resettled the Mausoleum has sat empty.


Following the architectural style of the Oldway, the Hillgrove Mausoleum is comprised of large stone bricks, panels of Blackstone, and various carvings to represent death, skeletal figures, and Hulmetic runes.
The entrance of the Mausoleum is a large, single room dominated by a statue of Lady Death. She stands proud holding a worn sign that reads "Wake not the Restful Dead" in Hulm. The base of the statue has additional writing carved into it stating, "In Death There Is Rest" also written in Hulm.
First Room
Watched over by two large, First Men statues, the First Room functions as a threshold between the vibrant outside world and the solemn, lonely feeling of the mausoleum.
Held up by a sturdy pillar, the Introductory's purpose is to give space for preparing the dead before storing them away in the rest of the mausoleum. At the back of the room, three empty sarcophagi sit ready to be filled with corpses.

1st Vanguard Report

The Introductory was held together by loose stones and crumbling walls. Two wooden caskets lay about with a note. Guardian Pale was able to subdue a Pyre Hound found within, surprisingly without violence.



  • Hillgrove Mausoleum

General Information

Founding Date
Sometime around 7500 of Man to 7800 of Man.
Alternative Names
Crypt of Her Forgotten
Parent Location

Priestly Reclamation

A group of faithful dedicated to Lady Death entered the Mausoleum in early Midflame requested to reclaim the area in the name of Lady Death. They were granted permission but never heard from again.


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