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Situated atop a large cliff created by Shadiym during the Western Shatter, Chasm is considered more of a Keep under Shardholm rather than a proper Shard. Despite originally being built inconspiciously word quickly got out about the purpose of the keep, to keep a close eye on the Goldbloods and insure they mean no harm to the Shardlands.

Destruction & Rebirth

Before the Western Shatter, Chasm was a small fishing settlement known as Tollman's Dock. It lead an unremarkable history and was quickly wiped out like many of the settlements of Haven by the Unfallen hordes. Remnants of this settlement can still be found at the base of the large cliffs that Chasm has been built upon.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Chasm Keep
Outpost / Base
Around 40, mostly military
Location under

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