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The Palace


Before the great fire, The Palace was a place of renown; a place of beauty. Though attempts have been made to repair it to the grandeour it once had, its popularity was never reborn from the ashes. Despite this, the current owner, an unknown of Shardholm's elite, is only willing to sell the building to those that aren't afraid of, in the flyers words, "A little bit of living history."


Rich History

If returned to its former glory, this place could bring in plenty of Shardholm's elite.


Many of the buildings many rooms are still damaged, but that has only lead to the price being far more affordable for those willing to invest.

Rich Neighbors

Being located in the High Residental means living among the wealthy elite. Each and every one of them willing to pay well for their various vices.

General Information

Parent Location

Cover image: by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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