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Driftwood Stockhouse


Having been abandoned for many years, the Driftwood Stockhouse is technically under the ownership of Shardholm itself. Despite this, the Stockhouse finds itself being sold for almost nothing as long as the buyers allow a few of the less savory locals store a few goods in it once in a while. No records of these goods are needed, of course.


Medium Storage

You can store plenty of goods here as long as you keep the place organized.

Hidden Room

Hidden away very carefully within the storage room, it is unlikely anyone would ever find this small room. It even has a fancy lock from the inside if you ever find yourself in need.

Dockside Access

Built upon one of the many docks of Shardholm, this building has near-instant access to the waterfront.


  • Driftwood Stockhouse

General Information

Warehouse / Granary
Parent Location

Cover image: by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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