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Seaspray Ferry

Ferry from Shardholm to Shorewall


Little more than a place of business or quiet storefront at first glance, the only thing that distinguished the Seaspray Ferry from any other building in the area it the sign that hangs perpendicular above the entry door, though even that could be missed given its weathering from wind and rain. The dock across the road keeps the ferry moored, a single-masted cog named the King Lamprey. A large, tarnished brass bell is also mounted to the wall, a short rope handle attached to its clapper, and engraved around the bow in bold, messy script “DO NOT TOUCH.


Within the Seaspray Ferry is kept about as well as its denoting sign, as the interior of the building is dark and dank, unable to escape the scent of brine and sea that engulfs outside. A thin weathered Dwarf, Orien Stonescuttle, sits behind a desk, which is covered in papers, ledgers, and some seafaring navigational equipment, only lit by a kerosene lamp. He looks gruff and impatient, though not even really preoccupied given the lack of foot traffic. Behind the Dwarf and the desk, to the left-rear of the room, is a door laden with a dilapidated wood sign; “Authorized Individuals Only” in a few languages.

The King Lamprey

The crew of the King Lamprey is made up of five individuals, each about as weathered as the Dwarf within the Seaspray Ferry’s “office.” A Solmite named Lannery Windsalt helms the ship, and four oarsmen as her crew: a male Tabaxi named Oars Strong, a female Garkith named Monda Steel, and two Solmite men named Richye and Ered. The five will usually be seen tending to their ship or milling about the docks and the local area, tending to their own business, during the day, and within the Wail House down the road in the evenings.

General Information

Alternative Names
The Ferry (Shardholm and Shorewall residents)
Parent Location


10g per body for one-way passage across the channel to Shorewall, cargo is 1 silver per pound, with a maximum capacity of 100 tons(about 20000 lbs, 2000g for a full load). The ferry doesn’t sail within four days, before or after, of seasonal hurricanes.
— Voyage duration: ~12 hours.

Cover image: by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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