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Abandoned House


Having been long abandoned, this house sits quietly at the edge of the Low Residential waiting for its secrets to be revealed. The local custodians seem to have kept it in at least livable conditions despite its vacancy.
No foot has tread upon these dusty halls in years.
— Ashton "Ashes" Morrin


Proper Home

Once repaired, this lovely two-story home can be an easy spot to rest for an adventurer.

Inconspicuous Housing

No one pays attention to the Low Residential. As long as you stay quiet and don't bring a raven to your doorstep, little trouble will find its way home.

Old Shrine

A few children have mentioned the place is creepy. But more curiously is their explanation of why; there is supposedly an old shrine built into the building.

General Information

Parent Location

Roses Untouched

Outside the Abandoned House grows several bushes of red roses. They appear untouched by the storms and remain in bloom year-round. Could this be the work of Druidry or something far more sinister?


Didn't want Nudity by Damion Otter

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