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New Hulm


Marked by a shoddy sign proclaiming "Your New Hulm", this inn has seen little patrons in the past few months. It's current owner, Rowan Silt, is looking for some new hands to help him bring the place to new heights. Sadly, his strange manneurisms and obsession over the Hulm language has lead him to find little aid.


Several Rooms

This structure has 7 rooms found on the second floor alongside a large basement that Roman currently lives in. Additionally, they are all ready to be rented out.

Always Welcome

Shardholm is renown for its progressive views on race. This fact is most apparent when you are traveling the Visitor District. One can see an Centaur talking with a Solmite or a Highland Dwarf speaking with an Orc.


Though it has few patrons now, this inn could easily be turned around to make a minor profit.

General Information

Parent Location


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