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Castle Deepholm

Heart of Shardholm


The seat of Shardholm's power and the home of Lady Holm. Castle Deepholm is considered one of the most well-defended locations within Solith. The mortar that makes up the large-cut brickstone walls seem to be comprised of melted steel and Blackstone, a feat still barely understand by the scholars and magi of Haven.


679 of Eld- House Deepholm
House Deepholm is successfully constructed to house the many workers of the newly settled Shardholm.
903 of Eld - Deepholm Estate
House Deepholm is transformed into a vast estate to house Lady Holm and her growing order of Knights. The construction cost much of Lady Holm's wealth leading to a year of poverty amongst her people, but they stood by her throughout.
994 of Eld - Castle Deepholm
Without much explanation or reason, Lady Holm throws her vast naval fortune to turn the Deepholm Estate into a fortified castle large enough to house herself, her knights, and the elite of Shardholm. The construction is aided by magi from Seawatch and performed by expert architects from Graystone.

General Information

Alternative Names
Castle Holm (Short-hand)
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank

Inspired Construction

Rumors still roam the streets of Shardholm about the Queen meeting with a mysterious person from the small fishing town of Telt before finalizing the construction of Castle Shardholm.

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