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Restbrook Embassy

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With rain-worn stone and rotting wood, the Restbrook Embassy was a neglected structure long before the Fall. However, despite its collapsing structure and rancid smell, the building still sees us once a month by the Restbrook Council as required by Shardholm's law.

Vanguard Aquisition

With permission from Sir Rotwood, the 1st Vanguard has moved inot the Restbrook Embassy for the time being. The unofficial leader has allowed them to reside in the structure for up to a month, but on the 3rd of Midflame they must vacate the premises.


  • Restbrook Embassy

General Information

Parent Location

Player Structure

This building currently functions as Player Structure. It has some mechanical benefits unlike other structures that you might find on the site.
Below are mechanics to be used by Player Characters of the Taming the Elements campaign.

Repurposed, Shoddy War Room

Originally designed to house monthly meetings, this War Room offers little in the way of benefits. Attempts have been made to patch up the roof, but water still seeps in at night.

Shard War Room (T1)

While the party is located in the War Room, you can ask the GM various questions about the town without needing to venture outside of the building.

Library Wing

This small study was built more for storing notes on the town of Restbrook than actual study.

Study (T1)

Research done within the study relating to Shardholm, Restbrook, or the Shardlands is done with a +5.
As a downtime action, you can ask two questions per day for the GM to answer if they are related to the above topics.

Refurbished Barracks

Once the dining used by the Restbrook "elite" after their council meetings, the large room has been cleared of debris and several cots have been laid down for the 1st Vanguard. A few shelves and a dresser have also been added.

Barracks (T1)

You gain 5 temporary hit points if you take a Long Rest in this room. This applies even if your Sophont does not require sleep as long as you stay in the room for at least 6 hours.


The only part of the Embassy to have been maintained, the kitchen is stocked with a variety of tools, pots, and pans. Sir Rotwood has also made sure that it remains well-stocked of various dried and fresh herbs.

Kitchen (T3)

All cooking done in this kitchen is rolled with advantage. Additionally, cooking food in this kitchen costs no money and does not subtract rations.

Kitchen Storage

Once empty, this storage space has been filled with various stuff to be used by the 1st Vanguard. Most of it has been donated by Sir Rotwood, Selen Bras, or Alexanda Softmill.

Storage (T1)

A reasonable 300 pounds of items can be stored in this room.


Leaking, dusty, and rotting the attic of the Restbrook Embassy was rarely used even during Restbrook's better years.

Storage (T1)

A reasonable 300 pounds of items can be stored in this room.


Like many governmental buildings within the Shardlands, the Restbrook Embassy has a cellar built specifically to save people from flash storms or flooding. Today, however, it is just filled with broken stuff.

Storage (T2)

A reasonable 800 pounds of items can be stored in this room.

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