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Gorgewald Forest


Still retaining its original Dwarven name, the Gorgewood Forest is a sanctuary for beasts and Beastfolk alike. Several centuries of Druidic rituals have been maintained to keep the forest flourishing against all odds. Dotted across its countless trees are Druidic runes, hidden effigies, and Wyldwood totems. Even those that have lived their entire lives in Verdant or Hallen still can find themselves lost in the evergrowing forest.

Dwarven Ruins

Where the forest now grows used to be a settlement that was a testament to Dwarven ambition and prowess. Arcane constructs, massive ruins, and endless caverns are a well-known site within the Gorgewood Forest. But none so popular as the ruins that now make up the city of Verdant.

Forest of Beasts

Travel through the Gorgewood forest is a dangerous gamble. Most will assure you saying that as long as you stay along the road, no beasts will hunt you. But there seems to be only one road in all of the forest.

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