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Hallen supplies nearly all the food for both Verdant and Graystone having the unique distinction of being the only Beastfolk village that is interested in commerce, currency, or laws in general. With the immense amount of Druidic magic pumping through the roots and soil throughout the Gorgewald Forest, the plants grown in Hallen are of unnatural sizes and quantities. Where a Whiteharvest Pumpkin grown in the Solemn Expanse may reach a mighty 10 pounds, the same seeds planted in Hallen could easily reach 30 pounds at maturity.



Much of Hallen's infrastructure has been built around the preservation of its several fields. Threats such as magically-enhanced beasts, thieves, and the Unfallen are a constant worry. The sizes of the fields vary from crop to crop, and if the Gorgewald Forest decides to grow too quickly in one area, but all of them are vital for the established food trade to Verdant and Graystone.
The most commonly grown crops are grains, squashes, and mushrooms. Hallen itself has no real means of processing these foods and instead just sells the raw materials off as quickly as possible.


Likely the most well-known section of Hallen is the large orchard found at the center of the settlement. Through Druidcraft, several of the fruit-bearing trees have been altered to offer a variety of different fruits all from the same tree. This diversity requires high physical and magical maintenance but also supplies the most wealth. After the burning of Hallen, much of the orchard is still being regrown under the guidance of Druids.

Exotic Reagents

In a burst of economic growth, Hallen has started investing time, sweat, and coin into the curating and harvesting of uniquely magical plants such as Mandrake or Marrinberry. The first harvest of these crops is expected around 81 of Fall, a short time to wait for how much wealth a single harvest could bring in.


Burning of Hallen

78 of Fall
Much of Hallen's inner-village population was slain and many of the fields were lit on fire. The cause of this destruction was blamed on the Madness but the remaining Hallen natives believe it was the doing of only a few crazed men.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Beastfarms (derogatory)
Around 2,000 with a population boost during harvest and planting seasons.
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