Church of Oul


As one of the the oldest buildings in Verdant the Church of Oul was once a Dwarvish temple to some long-forgotten Divine. Today it stands taller than the crumbling ruins around it, maintained by the thousands of vines, branches, and trunks to hold its shape. With its roof long since collapsed under its own weight, a thick canopy of leaves has formed to cover this holiest place. To an outsider, the appearance of such an overgrown ruin would just be another pile of stones fallen to the Gorgewald Forest but to those who live in Verdant know the dangers of traveling too close to such a place.

Live Offerings

Priests of Oul offer massive, living sacrafices yearly to the Temple so that the Beastial Goddess may see fit to reside in Verdant another year. It is believed by both the faithful and the citizens of Verdant that if Oul were to abandon the capital for some time, it would fall within the week to its own chaos.

General Information

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